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Best of

Best of posts come in many forms. They can be list posts or regular posts about the best tips, products, and services. See example


Reviews help our readers make decisions about products or services. See example

Ultimate guides

An ultimate guide is a post that covers practically everything on a certain subject. See example

Ultimate lists

An ultimate list is like an ultimate guide but in list form. It’s typically an expanded list of best tools, products, etc. See example


Opinion posts are usually subjective topics about what you believe is best practice, such as the best way to invest in your 30s or the best investing app. See example


Answer-to-question are posts that give thorough answers to a common (or not-so common) question, such as can I get a credit card at 15 years old?

Content guidelines


All content submissions must be 100% original to you. We do not accept syndicated posts or posts that have been previously published elsewhere.


Your content must be fact checked. You must also be able to provide sources. For example, if you claim that 7 out of 10 Americans are in debt, you have to include a source for that research.


You can use images in your post if you want, but it isn’t required. If you use images, we recommend checking out sites like Unsplash, Rawpixel, Pexels, and Kaboompics, as most images on these sites are free to use.

Voice + tone

Don’t be afraid to be honest and authentic. Let your personality come through in your writing.

Avoid big words and complex sentences. Try to keep your content at or below a 6th reading level. You can use this tool to test your contents grade level:


All content should be 1,000 words or more. Anything less is considered too skinny.

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Although you can send us an idea for a post, we prefer to see actual written content. Please write at least a first draft of your post before submitting it.

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Send a link of your content using the form below. We prefer that you send a Google Docs link, as this will be easier to edit.

Step 3

Wait for a response. We’ll typically respond within 72 hours of your submission.

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